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Moon Math Update: Noob DCA Strategy Second Edition

It's time

Weekly BBands are tightening. Moon Math commeth.
Let's talk about why it's time to make a thoughtful, intentional, prudent, gradual, and responsible investment in bitcoin using hourly, daily, or weekly buys.

DCA = Dollar Cost Average

Last time we did this our cost basis was 3,800. I know for a fact that one member of our community acquired about 2.5 BTC at that cost basis while intentionally following this series. They saw their investment of 10k grow over 50k in a few months. If they're still holding their coins, and held through the chaos, they're sitting on about 25k worth of BTC from their initial investment of 10k. They did that in 8 months. They still have nine years and four months for their investment to fully mature. They have never seen their investment go negative.
I'm not mentioning the noob with 10k as if their story is a promise it will happen again. I'm not suggesting that the same thing can happen for you. You missed out on that investment. So, now what? The opposite could happen for you, right? Sit up and pay attention.
Let's get started.

Moon Math
Past performance does not indicate future performance, but we can lay the groundwork for why these projections have come true and will continue to work by observing fundamentals about the market.

Stop talking about "divergence," already

I'm having trouble making sense of our position in terms of divergence, but I think I've got some observations that are helping me process this position a little better after talking with a few of you guys about it.
What I'm seeing are higher highs and higher lows from the price while also seeing lower lows and lower highs from RSI.
Bullish divergence and hidden bullish divergence? -- veltrop
Yeah, fucking weird and confusing. Don't talk to anybody about this. In fact, lay off it in the daily. It doesn't make sense. It just means we're all confused. We're going to talk about it anyway because I have to convince you that this position is significant. I also have to mention it because this sub made it the vocab word of the month. (fucking thanks, mandy7 -- seriously, though, you're a great contributor. Keep it up).
Where on the 4 hour have we seen this before?

2017 Market top

before the bubble popped in 2017 we saw "bullish divergence and hidden bullish divergence."
This pattern shows how bears can turn low momentum into pure carnage in a heartbeat. So bearish, right?
Well... maybe not. In that illustration there's an ascending wedge that's paired with a lot of resistance and a ton of volume that's tapering off as the price rises. That doesn't perfectly characterize our current position. We're ascending out of a ear market and the wedge starts in an area where we characterized ourselves as being in a hopeless bear market.
Where's another example?

2016: First ATH in three years
So, it happened before another market top?
Yes and no. The pattern terminated before the ATH. In fact, the price rose out of the wedge and gained nearly 20% in a couple days.
If bears terminate this pattern with bullish momentum, I think we can nearly guarantee that A&E double bottom will be confirmed either around that time or shortly after. Considering that RSI is already trending toward oversold, in a way that neither of my examples approach, I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll observe the price surge back before the end of the month on an extended fifth wave.

When to buy?

Start buying now. yolotrades the button.
Go make an account at,, ... wherever makes you feel the most comfortable. In 10 years it isn't going to mater which exchange you bought on, or the pennies difference in price you ended up paying for your transaction. Make it fun and easy for you. You can buy with market buys on a schedule or you can set calendar reminders and do this at whatever regular interval you are comfortable with.
Personally, I enjoy placing limit orders and watching people give me their bitcoins for no fee. So, create a trading or OTC account, transfer some cash in there, and have fun buying Bitcoin on an exchange or over the counter.

After you've bought

Get a ledger nano s ( trezor DO NOT BUY FROM ANYONE BUT THE MANUFACTURER I'VE LINKED TO HERE! and get your coins off exchange as it's efficient and convenient for you. You're probably not dealing with so much money that it makes your head hurt. Someday it will be. Get your coins off exchange before it gets to that point. Get them off exchange if you are impulsive, too. It should be harder to sell your coins than it is to change your mood.
Put bitcoin wallet in a safe deposit box at a bank if you're dealing with substantial amounts of money. Otherwise, put it somewhere theft, moisture, fire, and heat proof. Alternatively, learn to make yourself a paper wallet and do the same. Make sure that paper you're printing on is appropriate for archival purposes.
Transactions are cheap, but, unlike your limit orders, they're not free. Bundle your transactions (when you're comfortable that you're doing it right) to your wallet if you're dealing with less than 100k. The exchanges I've linked to are insured like banks. They have customer support. Ask for help if you're feeling nervous with any step along the way. People are super helpful in this community. Just ask. Ask until you feel confident. There's no rush.

When to sell

Do not sell. Any money you have invested in Bitcoin needs to mature for at least 5 years. I recommend ten. You should target your sales for bubbles that occur after halving events and you should DCA out as you DCAed in. You must hold through at least one halving, ideally two. If you start feeling adventurous you can learn about different hedging strategies, but don't sell your cold storage stash (which is what you're building with this DCA). Risk other funds to lower your risk and pay for your loses out of your pocket for as long as that is financially viable and prudent. If you suck at hedging, don't do it.

When to abort the DCA

Abort !== Sell !!!!
We've seen that there's more than one possible outcome based on our observations of somewhat similar market conditions in the past. We know the market is undecided. We've decided we're going to risk starting our long-term entry before the market breaks substantially in one direction or the other. We did that last time, too.
Just because we're new doesn't mean that we're going to ignore indications of heightened risk. It doesn't mean we're going to run from risk, either. We don't want to buy through a massive selloff and then run out of funds at the bottom, only to be disappointed by a shit cost basis that takes months or years to recover from. Don't do that to yourself.
Here are some obvious reasons to abort (these things could happen)
We'll need to reevaluate our entry if at some point things don't go our way and the bear market looks like it's going to continue for a substantial period of time. Shit happens. Be ready for it. Until then, follow the plan.

Moon Math Update: Noob DCA Strategy First Edition

Read over the last Moon Math DCA Noob series for more context:


Stay the hell away from alts. If you're reading this thread and making decisions about this stuff for the first time then you have no business dealing with alts yet.
If you decide to look into alts later, then I encourage you to explore that somewhere else. If you ask me about it I'll blink at you and ask you about what you've discovered... then I'll laugh myself to sleep about whatever it is you said.
Just... don't complicate it. If you're reading this then you're not ready to start evaluating alts. It's a minefield I love thinking about them, it's fun to trade them... an I'm convinced alts are going to hurt a lot more people than than they will help. Some alts are going to do well. You don't know what they are or how to figure that out. For now, leave it at that.
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Greetings Vertians - newbie here saying hi and questioning a few aspects as well as trying to light a fire under your butts :P

Hi everybody, relatively new to crypto in general, but i would say i'm more informed than most joining the market at the moment , i have read various whitepapers, i thought long and hard about if i wanted to invest and how, realising the risks, i am by no means a wealthy individual but i am into tech and see more than just the value of a digital asset going up or down, i see potential in this market in general.
i purchased a Ledger nano s before i had any real amount of crypto as i understand how weak OUR OWN security can be despite the security of the technology. (claimed some from faucets to understand the bare bones first)
currently waiting for transfer to complete to Coinbase then to -> GDAX then to Bittrex or some other to buy alts via Litecoin for the lowest fees (gbp to euro in revolute) -- also can i point out this is one hell of a dodgy ass way to purchase crypto for one coinbase need your id...ummmmm yeah did not like sending my identity documents over the internet
i am by no means an expert but i think I'm doing this right so far.
my first go at mining was nice hash, i made about £6 then the hack happened, after playing around I Am currently I'm mining via MPMH and Awesome Miner, then converting on their exchange into Vert! this... is where my first question comes in.
secondly although crypto can coexist lets face it, adoption is a kind of arms race, whoever wins adoption wins the argument re: are you a valid currency ... which vert is and should be in my eyes ASIC resistance helps a long way in this of course on the fairness to miners but to a shop keeper... he doesn't care so much, what he does care about is:
ok you gave me some numbers how to i turn this back into "real (fiat) money" so i can pay my bills or purchase more stock.
From what i have seen "Crypto_Vault" may be good for this (at-least in USD to start with) and from this business risk perspective we need to support projects like this, currently crypto is a minefield when it comes to transferring one type of value to another issues with Coinbase GDAX Bitttrex ...ahem..MTGOX are well known and often shouted about, Especially from people making claims about trying to get their fiat currency back.
This needs to change, far far more than if we can be listed on an exchange and "moon" although I'm sure for may people here that have been sticking out the roller-coaster that would be nice, lets be realistic here British gas, Eon, HMRC (English IRS) etc. are not just going to accept and hold crypto - They either would want to convert it immediately or if they did accept they would want to be able to pay their staff with it, which means those staff members need to be able to use it, or switch it back to gbp to buy an item some where that doesn't accept coin x (yes lightning and atomic swaps help here but still that's coin x to to coin y not coin x to fiat)
So as far as i see it , crypto is a grass roots movement , great ok then so we need to convince small shop owners small chains, pubs , online retailers to accept crypto. good fine and dandy, but wait how do they pay their bills with it?? At the moment lets face it they can't, so unless they are enthusiasts or watching the markets and seeing the value of bitcoin rise over the past few years, they will not want the hassle of selling vert on an exchange at least not directly.
So with that in mind i see projects like Crypto_Vault being instrumental in changing this, perhaps one day the VTC wallet could do this as well?
so for merchants as i see it Crypto -> Fiat and vice versa is an issue if we are the ones to solve (or promote the best solution) that should help Vert coin's adoption.
another thing to help vertcoins adoption is here specifically i know WE ...US...the community can do this, i have graphics skills, and at least half a brain - however there are no set standards that i can see (I am Aware of the discord i know i can ask) but I'm talking about making this easy for people to spread the word, via posters leaflets etc that they can design and post for others to use (provided correct branding and accuracy) - but even if we do this at this stage we still face the money issue listed above.
i have a set of skills I am willing to put them into helping vert and for vert's adoption to grow but what i don't have is any direction, personally i think this is a great community from what i have been reading but there are too many people complaining about the price and too few willing to act. HODL doesn't mean let everyone else do everything ...sure you can, you can even make money ....but you will make more and make a tech survive in a flooded market if you help it out where you can however you can surely??
if Litecoin is silver to bitcoins gold, Vertcoin can be Copper to Litecoins Silver (copper is still very expensive and has far far more uses than gold and silver) who knows maybe more but not without our help!
Remember guys Green is the colour of money (see marketing slogan right there) ...unless your not in the us then its just confusing :P
Sry if this was ranty guys I hope I'm not spreading FUD or out of order in anyway just saying it as i see it.
TLDR; - There's lots still to do to increase adoption come on lets organise
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Best of the best Q&A Stephens and Shingos. Team, Community, Competition, POS, Marketing

stephen corliss, [19.10.17 21:07] Team Bitquence, Who Are They? Collectively, the team has over 150 years of professional experience, lead by a leader who has accomplished more in 19 years than many people will over their entire careers. This team has the skills and gumption to deliver what it promises. These simple facts should be enough to stop anyone from spreading FUD that anything here is a scam. If it is not, let me say this, I carry securities licenses that are overseen by government regulators and I also founded a regulated investment business that is still active. If I, or anyone as part of this team, were involved in anything devious, the Feds would be at my door with handcuffs. Would I or anyone of us really be this stupid? I can’t wait to remove all these irresponsible pinheads from this industry who care only about themselves rather than society. In the world I desire, there is absolutely NO room for greed anymore where society suffers at the hands of a few!
stephen corliss, [15.09.17 17:43] [In reply to James: stephen interested to know if Bitquence was on your radar before you joined us?? Or were you interested in getting into the space and they approached you?] Hi James, I've actually been in crypto since the early days all the way back to 2013, hopping around the globe trying to help shape the vision for our industry. BQX and I stumbled upon one another and immediately discovered we shared the same visions and inspirations to deliver a truly transformative platform that is built for the consumer to help them in every way possible to take control of their financial futures. This is also why Shingo and I believe our platform should cover not only crypto but even traditional fiat assets (sec's, bonds, etc). This is critical as consumers will have the majority of their wealth tied up in traditional assets, like those retirement assets tied up in employers retirement plans, for at least another decade before they can transition to the Blockchain.
stephen corliss, [24.08.17 02:47] [In reply to Matt Hopkins: stephen I cannot express how impressive the response from the team, Shingo, and yourself has been. Reading the white paper and watching your videos where just a glimpse into this amazing vision and platform. You guys have brought this community to the next level. Thank you for your transparency and constant updates. I know I speak for the whole community here. Here’s to a great future with Bitquence.] Matt, Thanks man. I've seen a lot of stuff in my life and people who claim to be visionaries, only one of them could hold a candlestick to Shingo. You know, I've seen and been involved in a lot of exciting things over the years but nothing like this. Not even close!
stephen corliss, [25.08.17 21:07] [In reply to Liam: Stopping wild rumours in their tracks with your unbeatable knowledge of all the rules and regulations that need to be adhered to, I wonder how other crypto companies ever manage to survive without someone like you on their team] Sustainability of Bitquence and the entire eco-system is of major importance so some times it means getting very deep into the weeds as the complexity level globally can be a daunting task to most. But, it can be fun, especially if your bit wacky like me!
Shingo, [30.09.17 05:59] [In reply to Long Ton: How many coders do you guys have working on Bitquence? I’d be concerned if Shingo was managing university and coding] 7 or 8 devs if you are talking about technical people working on various aspects of the platform. The number feels about right to me. Jeff Bezos always said you should have no team that is too big to share 2 large pizzas otherwise you lose productivity
stephen corliss, [02.11.17 16:02] [In reply to Markus Winnen: What´s the story behind hiring you? Did you know each other before or how does the contact happened? :D]
We didn’t know each other but we had some mutual acquaintances. After meeting, Shingo and I immediately hit it off and also discovered that our dual solutions for creating a new eco-system for global financial services had a lot of overlap. So, they asked me to come on as a founder. Decision was easy.
stephen corliss, [02.11.17 23:49] [In reply to Ab Alphabeta1: amongst all your positions at work so far, which has been your favorite ? I know the first job is always special, apart from that?] My work at BGI/iShares was very special for numerous reasons but none more meaningful than having alignment of core values. The work itself was awesome as I had to build a global sell side business across asia, europe and americas, which is extremely hard to do by itself but doing it within a buy side asset manager and then integrate the two together was unheard of. Building an entire infrastructure including global trading systems across all asset classes including equities, bonds and cash is a lot of fun as you have to also build all of the upstream and downstream processes and tech and then overlay 100’s of jurisdictional regulations and laws while collaborating with regulators. Crazy fun but it was even more rewarding because in a short period of time we grew it to a $200m revenue a year while trading $350billion in assets.
stephen corliss, [10.11.17 18:06] [In reply to Kevv: if you don't mind be asking Stephen, what's the team plan with recruiting/getting more dev/marketing/back end ppls ect?] Its a continuous process but we have the core team of expert devs building as we speak and our expanding with other experts, eg. AI and Machine Learning, so things are changing rapidly as we progress on the roadmap. Non-technical staff are also in the picture and being added continuously as we have already have key staff onboard as part of the assembling of a highly skilled marketing team. Lots happening!
stephen corliss, [15.11.17 15:31] I learned quite early on that creativity and innovation are things that can come both normally and with intention. Most people don’t deliberately set aside time to tap into these skillsets. For me, I’ve always allowed myself time each and every day to challenge conventional ways of thinking, business and economic models or broad processes. This often allows me to devote the time to really understand an issue, model and process so I can then break it apart into small pieces and rethink how to rebuild it to be bigger, better and faster. This is why school for me was frustrating as it moved at a pace that doesn’t truly allow one to build in-depth knowledge and understand all sides and angles. Most of what I have come to know came afterward or what I did on my own time. Hate to admit it but my hobbies are not traditional, I like researching the history of capital market and economic models and studying congressional history around how market based rules came about and what motivated them. Weird? Yeah, a bit but if you truly love something, who cares!
stephen corliss, [28.10.17 14:21] All, As the public opinion debate about Bitquence is beginning to ramp up I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts. Openness and transparency are one of the several reasons I decided to enter crypto several years ago. This may seem strange coming from someone with my background but in my opinion, the traditional approach of hiding behind the corporate veil is cowardly and toxic. So, for any firm in this space, both it and its supporters must embrace diverse opinions and have an intelligent and open dialogue with those that disagree with our opinions. Lets not embrace the culture that exists in our global politics where those with different opinions are tarred and feathered but rather choose to behave like adults to set the example for our youth. Crypto is not about being closed minded but rather quite the opposite. So, when we are challenged lets not scream the loudest and attack but rather choose to engage those having different opinions in an open intelligent dialogue. Lets ask the tough questions of ourselves and others. If someone has an opinion, lets discover what informs that opinion by demanding openness and transparency about the facts that matter when sharing that opinion such as someone’s background or the analysis, facts and details that support it. As you all know, Shingo and I are here everyday to answer all of your questions, whether easy or difficult. This is a conscious decision on our part because of two main reasons, first because leaders in our industry should not cowardly sit behind the corporate veil like our traditional corporate counterparts and secondly, because we are building a global community that desires a financial system that works for society rather than against it. Lets embrace diversity of opinion as we are a diverse community from all walks of life who understand that differences should be embraced rather than pushed aside. I will be here everyday no matter how big or busy things become at Bitquence. Not because I have to but rather because I want to. I’m not afraid to be challenged and neither should any of you as this is the only way to get to the best result. I love this community so lets do everything we can to maintain a culture of openness that embraces our differences to discover the best answers. Change is coming!
Shingo, [10.09.17 18:42] The Bitquence community is different from other communities. We are smaller, but passionate because we all share the same pain points and yearn for the same vision. You don't see this sort of passion in many other places which is why we don't care very much about the short-term. We are looking long and when we have the product, we will get people to come and Bitquence will change the way people interact with crypto
stephen corliss, [19.10.17 21:22] Those of us in this community all know that we have the best community as each one of us plays a powerful role in building the momentum behind a unique grassroots movement that is absolutely scaring the shit out of our competitors. People Powered ya’ll !! stephen corliss about communication [21.08.17 18:32] You all deserve nothing less! We pay attention and want to ensure we all move along together and share in the fun
stephen corliss, [12.10.17 05:29] [In reply to Ke: Stephen can you specify 1 or 2 concrete things that those of us longterm holders who see the vision especially the 7yr plan to overtake Fidelity can do right now to help make it a reality perhaps sooner than we imagine. I believe alot if folks here are in this not just for the profits that will surely come but also because the vision of changing consumer finance is noble.] Two things, absolutely. 1) Every chance you get whether digitally or voice speak positively about this industry and recognize that early on it was full of bad stuff but we are changing that now by legitimizing everything we do so we can change financial models for the future 2) re-Post anything from this forum, other forums or from our site that you believe in, to any venue whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit; etc. Don’t do or post anything that you don’t truly believe in as people will see through that instantly. This is not about a single person or company, this is truly about what is best for us as a global community. Our dipstick lawmakers may believe we live in separate societies, but I believe we live in just a single global community who wants more than what the current rules and structures consider. Yeah, a bit of a soapbox comment but this is our time to really deliver change. That is what drives all of us.
Shingo, [26.10.17 20:46] We have said time and time again, we are looking for real, organic growth and a genuine brand and community. That is why we avoid hype, shilling and all that comes with it
stephen corliss, [04.11.17 06:04] This project is backed by a community. We are not defined by any one individual, not Shingo, not me, not the team, but instead a collection of individuals who desire change. We have many supporters and we appreciate them all and although I personally don’t know Suppoman, I would ask that you not slander anyone in this forum. Lets just keep everything professional and focus on delivering change together.
stephen corliss, [25.08.17 04:43] [In reply to John: stephen enlighten this newbie here...what can i expect for investing in bitquence] Game over bro! Sorry for the playground choice of words but if anyone has aspirations to see mass adoption of crypto become a reality then they need to be a part of this community who together will make this a reality. I couldn't mean this anymore than I do. This only happens with every one of us sharing a goal to deliver a new paradigm for financial services, especially how we build wealth ( that means You, Shingo, Adam, Kevin, the other BQX team members, everybody!)
stephen corliss, [10.11.17 23:57] Community Message: All, I wanted to share some thoughts on community etiquette. As we are moving quickly into a very serious phase, I want to share with all of you our views on how we proceed and protect our positioning and image. As you all know, we are a community fighting together to bring real change. As part of doing this, what this means is that we are having serious strategic discussions with countless serious and successful businesses to partner with us as service providers, strategic partnerships and the like. However, what this also means is Bitquence is now under the microscope and held to a much higher standard than most. To ensure we maintain the best public profile this means we must also ask the same of all of you as we are in this together. So, earlier today we had some person enter the forum talking about shorting and referring to BQX as a scam. Rather than sit idle and extend a long rope as we normally would do, I banned this person almost immediately. I didn’t do this to “muffle” anyone’s voices or to limit healthy debates or discussions but rather to protect the public profile of the community and Bitquence for the very reasons I just shared. I promise you that we love and embrace diverse opinions and love open debate but we all must now realize the we have moved into a very critical phase and professionalism has to be the standard. We are doing the impossible but each and everyone of us is playing a critical role in our overall success so lets not allow Fudsters and people focused on themselves to tarnish our image.
Thank you all for everything. Much love!
stephen corliss, [28.09.17 14:57] If you can find me just 1 single competitor who can do what we plan and do it in a way where they won't violate laws and can service every jurisdiction, let me know. I don't see anyone thinking about this the way we do. Remember, first may be okay initially but if your model isn't sustainable and insulated from all the changes to laws and regs that are forthcoming, then it won't matter as you will be out of business. Working smarter and with speed and precision is always better in my book. I don't think the complexity of what we are doing and the space we're doing it in is always apparent. You can't just build something, especially in finserv, without knowing first where all the minefields are, as many have tried before and have since departed with many others to follow. Don't get me wrong, I don't wish this on anyone but if you don't plan appropriately, there really isn't an excuse. If we are sustainable, everyone wins. The team has basically doubled in a week, so the train is rolling at a high rate of speed to deliver not only an innovative model but also "several" innovative tech solutions.
stephen corliss, [15.11.17 04:14] [In reply to EstimatedProphet: Stephen since you are the global strategist, what do you feel gives you a strategic advantage in comparison to competitors? Is the product quality? Is it your former experience in the finance industry? I would love to know. Also, do you feel that certain relationships you have made in the past working for BOA and BlackRock provided outlets/resources that others might not have access to?]
Great question. Let me try to answer as best I can. what do you feel gives you a strategic advantage in comparison to competitors? With Shingo’s vision and capabilities, my knowledge of global market structures and regulations and the expert team we have brought together, I believe there is no other firm with the collective capabilities that we have at Bitquence. I’ve personally spent nearly 30 years studying everything about global finance, capital markets, structures and regulation. I believe the team here cannot be replicated anywhere. So, competitors may be able to copy but they will never do it as well as us because of our knowledge advantage. Is the product quality? Knowledge and capabilities unleash quality, which is what will differentiate us from all others Is it your former experience in the finance industry? Partially but it is the team that gives us the advantage. Also, do you feel that certain relationships you have made in the past working for BOA and BlackRock provided outlets/resources that others might not have access to? OH, MOST DEFINITELY Lastly, what do you currently feel is the most important market for BQX to take over first? I think we’ve said this before, its the United States. Why? All others avoid the US because they believe it is too risky, I don’t agree. If you solve for the US, this means you can operate pretty much anywhere. So, we solve for the US now ( Which we have!) and then concurrently role out in other Jurisdictions across Europe and Asia. I know there is a global strategy at hand, but what national market is most important to make the mark and or ensure long term success? See above.
Shingo, [15.09.17 22:58] I've seen at least 12 platforms that people are saying "doing something similar to bitquence". If we were the only ones trying to do what we are doing, I would be very worried! The fact that so many are trying to do stuff like this simply means that there is a very real market need for it. Competition is good and will motivate us to make the best product
stephen corliss, [14.09.17 13:19] [In reply to momo] Absolutely, competition is healthy. However, we have a significant advantage as we have visionary engineers and financial minds who know how to create something that nobody has seen before that can also withstand the highest degree of scrutiny. I wish I could find the words to explain how difficult it is to uncover the solutions we have found but I cannot as it requires much more space than is available to me here. Plus, why tip off everyone! let them figure it out for themselves after we become the biggest baddest platform on the street!
stephen corliss about competition, [08.09.17 16:13] Coinbase is not a good barometer for Bitquence, whether we're discussing technology, legal/regulatory structure, product / service quality and depth or customer service. If you can't even get customer service right, how can anything else be great? No worries all, the BQX Team understands all the critical elements required to deliver! Competition? What competition....! In my view, we are trailblazers. Sure, many will try and follow us or even try to interpret our vision and replicate it to beat us to market, but none will be able to do this with complete success. That's what drives us and focused is what we are!
[In reply to Bjorn: How does BQX not be a competitor of existing Exchanges Stephen if we can buy and trade coins on the BQX platform?]
Thanks Justin! Hi Bjorn! Let me first call your attention to page 7 in our latest Whitepaper. Here you will find how all of the various dynamic layers of the platform work in conjunction with one another. BQX powers everything on the platform and links the Platform Layer with the Liquidity Layer. BQX will represent the individual baskets which will hold diverse ccy's and coins where liquidity for the individual constituent ccy's/coins will be sourced via CCY and Coin Exchanges. (also eliminating counterparty risk) There are a lot more nuances here but this should give you more details. I likened this to what we did with exchange traded funds over 15 years ago where exchanges at the time felt unnecessarily threatened by ETF's as they thought it would hurt their businesses. In fact, it did exactly the opposite as they generated exponentially more trading volumes because of the many:1 design of index funds. In the end, what this delivers is a fully fungible diverse basket of ccy's/coins that delivers the full benefits of directly holding them while streamlining day to day transactions for users. Does this help at all? Again, this is why we help exchanges grow their business as it allows for "mass adoption".
stephen corliss, [03.09.17 15:51] [In reply to Z Davinci] All, We hear you 100%. Let me make one point reference competition. Competition will be and is a healthy thing for any industry as it provides options for consumers while also allowing consumers to choose the better service provider and technology. However, when building a model in an industry such as this one that has to align with a complex financial industry centuries old, most will either fail or miss the mark significantly. What we have right now is a classic "square peg round hole" situation where ONLY those with the necessary technical, business AND industry expertise will win. What I can share here is this, we've done all of the necessary work designing a comprehensive solution that can flourish in a highly fluid business environment, where most others will be confused and distracted. I've set up many financial firms in my life worldwide so this is not unchartered territory and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure BItquence can flourish. FOCUS, BE BOLD, BE FAST, BUILD AND DELIVER, it is as simple as that.
stephen corliss, [08.09.17 02:17] [In reply to Slim] First, I'm old school so lets start with a giant HA! Then, lets move on to calling bullsh1t! Clearly, they have no idea about what we are building, and more importantly, how one goes about doing it. Lets take those comment 1 by 1. 1) Its a lot like Prism and Iconomi? What? Prism essentially deploys a CFD type model where holders do not hold the underlying coins it is meant to track and thus users have no rights or benefits that may come with each coin. All they have is a bet that they can win or lose. This is more appropriate for heavy traders employing a hedge or wanting quick/simple artificial exposure. It also doesn't save much in transaction costs either, which contradicts one of the main benefits of a CFD, their usually cheap! I don't knock their product but it is a complete 180 from BQX. Now Iconomi is different but similar. Considering my years with Indexes and ETF's, I clearly appreciate what they are trying to do. However, again, I have access to yield generation capabilities (or not depending on market moves) but what do I actually own? ICNX and ICNP only, not the underlying coins. Is the DAA transportable? No. I can go on and on but it seems unnecessary. Especially considering that none of this considers the Universal Wallet and all its benefits. 2) You do not own the currencies, you own the keys? Wrong, you own both! 3) You are given est. prices and own the assets and compare to actual investments? Nope, you know prices (est and actual) and own the ccy's 4) We are going big and will hv hurdles? Sure, but we solved those already! 5) Bitquence is centralized? Ah, nope its not. 6) They hold the wallet? Nope! 7) They are the exchange? Nope, we deliver optimized price discovery, cost reduction and lessen market impact 8) 1% Fee? Maybe but not finalized, however, that would be a lot cheaper than anyone else by leaps and bounds! 9) Years for product introduction to US customers? Solved!
Okay, did I miss anything? The problem here, all, is that our peers like to say that they understand Shingo's vision, but in all do respect they really really don't. They are building interesting products but none are remotely close to BQX because our visions and motivations are vastly different. We can cohabit the same space as we service different clientele but the similarities begin and end with we occupy space in the same industry. Product differentiation is quite vast.
stephen corliss, [07.11.17 20:53] [In reply to Ke: Is it fair to say that the biggest target bitquence is going after right now is Coinbase? Is that the real competitor?] I wouldn’t call it that specifically. In the financial space there are 2 main groups, Buy Side (eg Blackrock) and Sell Side (Brokers/Exchanges). I believe Bitquence is on the Buy Side and Coinbase is on the Sell Side. So, they could service us as a liquidity provider. However, because of their model involving coin storage, we will have an impact on them as consumers begin to leave their assets in cold-storage. However, this dynamic could still be positive for Coinbase as Bitquence creates opportunities to deliver new product sets of which Coinbase could provide liquidity and possibly even custody.
stephen corliss, [13.09.17 13:54] POS is rebranded to Bitquence Predictions as POS implies other things, although we share numerous simiilarities
Shingo, [23.10.17 18:50] We have changed predictions as a "reward only" system to avoid complex legal concerns
Shingo, [23.10.17 18:42] [In reply to Marco: will BQX hodlers generate profits just by hodling ? (similar to OMG, NEO,...)] I would be cautious of any "passive income" model that is uncleared by regulated bodies. As Stephen said, there are some structures that may work and others that don't. There isn't enough guidance in the industry right now to say for sure Chris Ryan: So all Proof of Stake coins are considered securities?]
Stephen: That will depend on the details. First question to ask is always, what are users doing to earn divs? The less substance there is the more likely a coin will be found to be a security.
Shingo: The jury is still out for me whether or not proof of stake is passive or active income. Masternodes to me seem to be able to be justified as "active income" since you are providing services to the network and getting compensated in return. In that sense you could say you are getting paid income by the organization. The way OMG describes their model is a "tollbooth on a busy highway". As Stephen always says "The devil is in the details". I wouldn't want to say anything here without proper due diligence. I am excited for what OMG is doing and think they have a lot very great minds working for them. I'm sure they are considering issues such as these
stephen corliss, [02.09.17 14:30] Good morning! Quick details on POS or what we now call Bitquence Predictions. First, the critical outcome from this service is high quality intelligent data, which you can think of as Consensus based research. This service is the first step as it builds a valuable data inventory that will feed into our Basket creation, risk management, asset allocation and other functionality. It also allows knowledgeable and successful users to establish and build their reputation and following on the platform. This was never intended to be a gambling service and be, as some say above, "the only value maker for BQX". This thinking is an incorrect interpretation and I hope this explains why. BQX value creation, as discussed in slightly earlier threads, is generated by what happens in the next phases of the project, which are the "transactional" based Baskets and Universal Wallet services where BQX is both 1) necessary as Gas and for transactions and storage 2) A constituent holding option in the basket 3) liquidity enabler for the Liquidity Network and The Universal Wallet. Now, there are a lot more details to think about when thinking about BQX value creation but each one of the above should provide the basis for that analysis. Hope this helps.
stephen corliss, [29.08.17 22:40] All, I want to be sure the entire community understands precisely how POS will work. First, as you all know, we have been doing a deep global analysis of our entire roadmap, vision, products and services. This strategic analysis is and will continue to be our guidebook for all related decisions. The analysis is premised on one large assumption, during the short and intermediate term Bitquence should not require financial related licenses (Unless it is mandatory) in any jurisdiction. As such, with regards to POS, we have completed the required analysis and in NO way will this service be considered gambling, investment or derivative related. Users will not surrender / pay anything of monetary value to participate in POS. Winners will benefit and be rewarded for providing essential data but this will not come from any other user who predicting incorrectly. We will share more information but the above statements should clear this issue up. We of course understand that some of the information put out by us may have lead to this confusion but we will revisit those materials in due time to ensure they are more precise. Thank you everyone!
stephen corliss, [28.09.17 14:51] [In reply to Yoyo: People would get free coins to keep coin in the wallet?] Lets stick to Predictions. In order to build the most powerful financial platform, it begins with intelligent data. The best or smartest data isn't traditional research or crowd-based data individually but collectively. So, we begin by building superior Intelligence by first having users provide predictions on coin performance over short and long term periods enriched with other social data created on the platform. To encourage use, we allow users to join the platform and begin predicting and participating in other social engagement. The more accurate you are, the more rewards users can obtain. The more followers users gain, the more rewards they obtain. This is unique content and when enriched with other traditional and non-traditional research, it is highly intelligent and significantly useful to users when making both passive and active coin decisions.
Shingo, [27.10.17 07:04] [In reply to Ab Alphabeta1: Any coin which provides some sort of dividends be considered security?] I think the distinction is more between passive and active income and income on investment versus income for services rendered. Any token that requires you to stake or use your token in some sort of process that benefits the network suggests to me that it is compensation for services rendered. That being said, line is really blurry and won't become clear until governments and regulators catch up and render a decision
Shingo, [19.10.17 19:27] I want to clarify what we mean by marketing. What we will NOT be doing is buying ads, spending on search/video/interstitial etc. What we ARE doing is putting effort into nurturing our community and increasing our earned traffic. This means upgrading the brand, creating a PR plan, scheduling releases etc. Once we launch the product, we will begin to buy ads and push the marketing pedal. I believe that this is the right strategy and will help to develop this community organically
stephen corliss, [20.10.17 01:55] As I know you all know how we approach things by now, I would hope you all expect a slow dribble of news that all connects strategically. We have a lot of great things brewing and information will follow but only when the time is right. We don’t buy into the hole pump crap, so please just remember that we are extremely strategic and precise in everything we do.
Shingo, [16.11.17 20:03] [In reply to Steve Crypto: Do you plan to make another Dev Update video for those who are not part of the Product Council?] Maybe... I've answered this question a bit before. We want to release less high quality content. What will likely be the format going forward is: - ExplaineAnimated Product videos - Captain's Log - Thinkpieces - Blog
Shingo, [01.09.17 02:38] [In reply to EstimatedProphet: Shingo are there any strategic marketing techniques being aimed at the general public? I know you're targeting mass adoption, but what is the plan for reaching consumers outside of the Crypto community?] Lots of guerilla marketing. One of the initiatives we are working on right now is building a large library of content aimed at new users (courses, blog content, guides etc.) We are hoping that for many people, their first interaction with bitquence will be "how do I buy bitcoin" or "what is Bitcoin" We hope to serve the user over the course of their journey of discovery from learning about crypto, to becoming a social crypto trader
Shingo, [10.09.17 18:41] While we are developing the product, we want to be careful with the brand and marketing. There is no point in pushing out our message far and wide before we have anything to show people besides demo videos. Building a community organically is much more powerful than building an artificial community that doesn't care about the product
Shingo, [13.09.17 21:05] [In reply to Ke: Shingo...could you shed some light on how you and the team plan to get this out to the masses once the product is out? Do you plan for early adopters to be sophisticated types looking to enter a new asset class or do you plan on positioning the product as a new cool way for millenials to get a solid ROI through this beautiful tech solution? Or can you adequately market to both groups?] We don't quite want to tip our hand just yet, but our customer acquisition strategy is going to strategic partnerships and aggressive competition to market incumbents. Our strategy with exchanges has always been to get more people exposed to BQX and learning about it which is why we have been pushing for listings and why Binance was a great victory for us. The second part is aggressively going after different market sectors in the crypto industry and strategically taking market share. We anticipate that improved tools, guerilla marketing, enthusiastic community and solid promotional materials will make for a powerful combination as we enter the next phase of development
Shingo, [19.09.17 18:50] [In reply to Greg: It would be nice to put up dates on roadmap in white paper or in one of dev updates, to be official.] We don't want to promise something we can't fulfill. We try to hold true to everything we say publicly. Our PR motto is under promise and over deliver which typically leads to more happy people than the opposite
stephen corliss, [24.09.17 16:43] [In reply to M I H A I] Good day all. Marketing is absolutely critical. However, burning capital on marketing "too early" runs the risk of having a large CAC that will have significant negative results. Your points are not wrong but the right timing is essential
Shingo, [09.10.17 05:17] What I want to do is frame up some more of our ambitious thinking in a way that people can understand where we see all of this going but also while preserving our competitive advantages over others
Shingo, [13.10.17 20:58] Again - we are revamping our marketing efforts and part of that means putting together a cohesive plan and schedule. That means less in the short term, but I believe that it will be highly beneficial in the long term once we start executing to this plan. Instead of putting out mediocre marketing immediately, we are going to put out great marketing in due time.
stephen corliss, [20.10.17 14:15] The only things we will be protective of are those elements that allow us to maintain a competitive advantage and a leading position. Typically these will be strategic initiatives that we will need to keep top secret until making a big public reveal. This allows us to protect our first mover advantage and further differentiate ourselves from everyone else. We have a few big surprises already.. 😊
stephen corliss, [24.10.17 14:27] All, lets move on to more constructive topics. We have just hired a very talented Marketing Executive who is developing our short and long term strategy as we speak. The benefits of this change will be significant and be visible across all channels and methods so lets stay tuned. I’m quite excited as this has been a big missing component for us that is now ramping up!
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Play SatoshiMines! Win bitcoins!

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Satoshi Mines is a bitcoin-based game of chance played on a 5-by-5 minefield grid. The object of the game is to uncover as many green tiles as you can without uncovering any red mines. You win an increasing bitcoin reward for each green tile you uncover.
How is Satoshi Mines Provably Fair?
This game uses "game hashes" to prove itself. If you've played provably fair games online before, Satoshi Mines' method will be familiar to you. What are game hashes? Game hashes are how Satoshi Mines proves that each game's mine tiles are chosen when the game is created and are not tampered with. Hashes thus prove to the player that the game is fair.
When a new round is started, some of the twenty-five tiles are chosen as mines. Either 1 mine, 3 mines, 5 mines, or 24 mines, depending on the type of game you choose. The tiles (represented as numbers from 1 to 25) coupled with a random string generated by the server are hashed using SHA256. The result of the hash function is shown to you before you make your first tile choice.
Validating the fairness
After a game has been completed, the "three-number+random string" secret will be revealed. It is at this point you may validate that the SHA256 hash of the secret matches the hash that has been shown since the beginning of the round, by using any online SHA256 hash converter.
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